Sedation Dentistry is Calming as a Tropical Breeze

Sedation Dentistry – Calm as a Tropical Breeze

Imagine being able to go to your dentist without the feelings of anxiety and fear? Now sedation dentistry makes this all possible!

Sedation Dentistry without Needles

You are not alone! Many dental patients have just as much fear of needles as they do of dental treatment. With sedation dentistry at the offices of Ocean County dentist, Dr. Ron Rotem, your fears will be washed away.

Dr. Rotem administers a small blue pill and, within minutes, you are relaxed as if in a light sleep with little to no memory of your dental treatment. Now you can know that regardless of the scope or extent of dental work you need, you can experience complete relaxation and confidence with the experience of Dr. Ron Rotem.

The Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

Relaxation during dental treatments is comprised of several factors, including trusting your dentist and knowing his or her reputation. New Jersey top dentist, Dr. Ron Rotem, has been practicing sedation dentistry in Ocean County for nearly twenty years.

Your option for sedation dentistry not only assures you of total comfort and relaxation, but gives you the benefit of having much more work completed in a shorter amount of time.

Fear and anxiety can be extremely exhausting and leave you feeling that your dental visit was a bad experience. Sedation dentistry allows your doctor to proceed through your dental procedure without any interruptions. You remain sedated and completely comfortable during the entire process and you can feel a sense of freedom knowing your dental care is being accomplished without any strain on your physical or emotional state of being.

Another benefit of sedation dentistry is that now you won’t have to hold off that very important visit to the dentist for fear of what dental work may be needed on your teeth or gums. Whatever the outcome of your exam and consultation, you know you have the option of sedation dentistry and this presents an already calming effect in your mind and leaves you relaxed overall.

Don’t give into long-ago manufactured fear of the dentist allowing those fears to keep you away from the dentist. Regular checkups and dental health maintenance are necessary for a healthy life.

Call Dr. Ron Rotem today for your thorough exam and consultation and make it a point to discuss sedation dentistry so your dental experience can be as calm as a tropical breeze!