Dr. Feliz Toms River NZ dentist at Rotem Dental Care

Meet Dr. Feliz

Dr. Luisa K Feliz, DMD

Dr. Feliz Toms River NJ dentist at Rotem Dental Care

Dr. Feliz graduated from Amherst College earning her Bachelors degree in Biology. After working in a clinic alongside several dentists, she quickly realized her calling was dentistry. Dr. Feliz then earned her DMD at UMDNJ and graduated in 2013.

Dr. Feliz’s true passion is helping patients smile confidently again and achieve their dental goals with implants, veneers and other cosmetic procedures. She even explains the process as being her chance to be “creative.”

In Dr. Feliz’s spare time she enjoys spending time her with family, dog and five cats, knitting and learning how to salsa dance!