Dry Mouth Syndrome

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Rather than a disease itself, dry mouth syndrome usually caused by disease or medications used to treat disease.

Symptoms of Dry Mouth Syndrome

The most common causes of dry mouth syndrome can be medications prescribed for the treatment of disease.  If you are taking medications for blood pressure, diabetes, antihistamines, anti-inflammatory or antidepressants, you could experience a decrease in the production of saliva, causing dry mouth.  Medications affect the salivary glands and greatly decrease the amount of saliva needed to keep the mouth moist naturally .

There are also medical treatments that can cause dry mouth syndrome.  If you are receiving radiation therapy, especially in the head or neck area, your salivary glands will be affected.  The affects of radiation therapy on salivary glands may dissipate after therapy is completed but can cause great discomfort during treatment and for some time afterward.

Importance of Preventing Dry Mouth Syndrome

Preventing dry mouth syndrome is important to your oral health.  Dry mouth syndrome, without proper treatment, will allow bacteria to collect in your mouth.  Oral bacteria can be serious as it causes tooth decay, gum disease and the possibility of other more serious disease.

Additionally, dry mouth can make it very difficult for denture wearers.  The gums will become sore from dryness with the lack of saliva causing dentures to rub the already irritated gums.  Denture wearers should seek immediate care if they suffer from dry mouth syndrome.

Difficulty chewing, swallowing, sore throat and bad breath are other side effects of dry mouth syndrome.

The most common prevention is drinking plenty of water.  Other preventative or helpful treatments are available through your dentist.

Talk to your Dentist about Dry Mouth Syndrome

If you have any symptoms of dry mouth syndrome, it’s important to talk with your dentist.

Dr. Ron Rotem of Rotem Dental Care treats patients who travel from all over the country specifically for treatments of dry mouth syndrome.  Experiencing dry mouth is very uncomfortable and can cause embarrassing bad breath.

With the help of treatments at Rotem Dental Care, many are living much more comfortably with dry mouth than thought possible.

Dry mouth is no laughing matter.  If you suffer from dry mouth syndrome call Rotem Dental Care today.