Sinus Headache or Tooth Infection?

photo_dental_sinusHow Teeth Can Affect Your Sinuses

Have you ever experienced a sinus infection that, after subsiding, leaves your teeth aching?

Tooth infection is known to cause 10% of all sinus infections. The location of the first maxillary molar to the maxillary sinus is usually one of the major causes of sinus infection resulting from a tooth infection.  One of the most immediate signs is a sinus headache.

Another common cause of tooth infection is bad oral hygiene which results from bacteria forming in the mouth.

Is Bad Oral Health the Only Way to Tooth Infection?

The answer is no!  If you experience any trauma to a tooth, such as falling and hitting your mouth, or suffering a any kind of blow to the mouth , you can get an oral infection.

If the tooth is hit hard enough, bacteria can enter the tooth pulp chamber and cause it to fill with bacteria causing infection.  Left untreated, the infection can spread with devastating results.

How Do Tooth Infections Enter the Body?

The most dangerous infections are caused when bacteria from an untreated tooth infection enters the bloodstream.  This can cause serious infections in the sinus, the heart or the brain and even result in death.

Oral health and regular dental checkups are extremely important when practicing good overall health methods. So many people don’t realize that flossing, brushing and dental checkups should be as common as watching your diet, visiting the gym or getting your hair cut.

Can An Infected Tooth Heal On Its Own?

Here again, he answer is no.  As an infection grows, it weakens the immune system.  The closest thing to your upper teeth is the maxilary sinus which is located in the cheek above your teeth.

Once you have a combined tooth and sinus infection, this can spread to your lymph nodes and your neck.  From there your throat can become irritated, inflamed or even restrict breathing.  These are obvious signs that a serious infection may be traveling in your bloodstream.

Being Proactive

As we’ve all heard many times before,” knowledge is power”.

Remember to be aware of the color and condition of your gums.  If you experience chronic sinus problems, check with your dentist to ensure there is not something more serious going on in your mouth.

If you have experienced any type of trauma to the mouth visit Toms River dentist Dr Ron Rotem as soon as possible.

Keeping yourself aware of any changes in the appearance of your teeth and gums will keep you aware of any changes in your overall health.

Call Rotem Dental Care today for a consultation and learn how to keep your oral health in the best shape ever!