Dental Floss – Which is Best to Use?

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Are Too Many Dental Floss Choices Confusing You?

When you’re shopping for dental floss and you look at the wall of choices hanging before you, it’s difficult to know which is best for you.

They are woven, waxed, glide, thick, thin, flavored and unflavored.  So many choices, which do you choose?

Dental Floss – The Choices

Glide Dental Floss – If you are a beginner at flossing, glide dental floss is best for you.  Why?  Because it does exactly what it says…it glides and does not tear or shred, making it easy to use.  Overall, it is not the most effective in thorough plaque removal, but after you’ve got the hang of it, you can swith to another dental floss type.

Unwaxed Dental Floss – Unwaxed dental floss is for someone who has the flossing method down to perfection.  For most users, it’s the most difficult to use as it does not glide. Because it is thin, unwaxed dental floss can hurt your fingers and your gums if you don’t know how to use it properly.

Waxed Dental Floss – Waxed dental floss is easy to use and does an effective job. It’s not too thick, glides easily between teeth and the wax gives it a “grip” so it won’t slide off your fingers.  Waxed dental floss is not slippery, so it sticks to the teeth and performs an effective removal of plaque.

Dental Tape – Dental tape is flat, thick and waxed.  Most people find it too thick to get between their teeth which, again, can cause tearing.  You don’t want to have dental floss caught between your teeth as this can cause discomfort and is difficult to remove.  On the bright side, dental tape is very effective for cleaning plaque because it covers a wide area.  If you have wider spaces between your teeth, dental tape could be ideal for you.

Reach Dental Floss – Reach dental floss looks like yarn.  It is woven and has fibers that reach out between the teeth for effective plaque removal.  It’s gentle on your gums and contains fluoride, offering protection from the bacteria that can cause cavities.  The only problem with Reach dental floss is that it can shred easier than the wax or glide floss.

Flavored or Unflavored Dental Floss – If you like a clean, fresh taste in your mouth, go for the flavored dental floss.

The Conclusion About Dental Floss?

They are all good, and the choice is yours!  The most ideal situation is that you are using dental floss as part of your daily oral health routine.

But dental floss isn’t all you need.  You need to visit your dentist a minimum of two times per year for a thorough dental exam and cleaning.

Ocean County Dentist, Dr. Ron Rotem offers you weekly news updates to help you keep your oral health in tip-top shape.  Call Dr. Rotem to get a thorough checkup and evaluation of your overal dental health and to keep on top of your “home” dental care options.

Respect your gums and make sure to use dental floss.  Any type of floss you choose is better than no dental floss at all.