Experiencing Tooth Loss

You Don’t Have to Age to Experience Tooth Loss

Loose teeth in adults can result from various incidents. Trauma to teeth by a severe blow or fall can be damaging to teeth and cause tooth loss. Using your teeth as tools to open bottle caps, cracking ice cubes or tearing open bags with your teeth can be harmful. Poor oral hygiene is one of the most common ways teeth and gums can be permanently damaged, causing loose teeth or permanent tooth loss in adults.

It’s Never Too Late for the Perfect Smile

If you are experiencing loose or missing teeth, dental implants are the solution.

Having loose or missing teeth can be devastating to your overall health and to your appearance. You are unable to chew your food properly and your appearance is compromised with changing facial muscles no longer supported by your teeth.

It’s best to address the problem of loose teeth immediately. Leaving this problem to progress will definitely give cause to the need for extensive dental work. As soon as a tooth appears to be loose, it is  tie to make tht phone call to Ocean County dentist, Dr. Ron Rotem.

Partner Up With A True Dental Professional

Dr. Rotem has been creating beautiful smiles for Ocean County residents for nearly 20 years.

Dr. Rotem’s patients will tell you how confident they feel with their dental implants and how the care and comfort offered by Dr. Rotem and his staff made their dental implant procedure quick and easy.

Many people hesitate to address the problem of loose or missing teeth because they feel ashamed of the appearance of their teeth and embarrassed by the poor oral health of their teeth and gums.

With Dr. Rotem, you can abandon any feelings of fear, shame or embarrassment. Dr. Rotem has helped thousands of people with the same conditions and he understands how you feel and has dedicated his practice to making you comfortable and happy with the results of your treatment.

Loose or missing teeth can happen at any age. If you are suffering with loose or missing teeth, call Dr. Ron Rotem today and find out how dental implants can be your permanent solution to a healthy, beautiful smile.

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