Friends help Friends Smile

Smiling is a natural reaction to feeling happy, pleased or hearing something funny.  When people don’t smile as a natural reaction to these events, friends or family members need to take notice.

Helping a Friend Smile

If you know someone who always hides their smile with a hand over their mouth or tries to smile with closed lips, you may realize they are hiding something.  Most likely, they are hiding their teeth.

If you’ve experienced this, you may discover your family member or friend is embarrassed about the appearance of their smile.  Smiling is healthy!  It’s important to be able to smile.  It’s just as important as it is to be able to chew food properly, keep a healthy mouth and be proud of flashing a beautiful smile.

Certainly, it can be difficult to approach a friend about the condition of their teeth, but it can be done with a gentle ‘heart to heart’.  If you feel a family member or friend is not smiling due to an embarrassing smile, show them you care by asking how you can help.  You may even mention that you are going for a checkup and would love to get a dental evaluation together.  Let them know that at Rotem Dental Care the ‘caring’ is genuine and is an integral part of the practice.

Rotem Dental cares about the Smile

Dr. Ron Rotem of Rotem Dental Care has been creating beautiful smiles for 20 years in Ocean County.

Dr. Rotem and his staff specialize in reconstructing smiles for people who have problem teeth and loose or missing teeth.  The Rotem Dental Care team work at mastering beautiful smiles with modern cosmetic and sedation dentistry.  The team is also very sensitive to a person’s comfort during treatment and that’s why Rotem Dental Care is known as the preferred choice for people who want to rejuvenate their smile.

Bring a Smile to a Friend

This holiday season, don’t let a family member or friend go without a smile.  Help them to make the call to get the best in professional dental care at Rotem Dental Care in Toms River.

Be a great friend and suggest Rotem Dental Care today!  After all, what’s a better gift than a beautiful, healthy smile?