How Allergies Can Affect Your Teeth

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photo_dental_-_allergies_text_words_1-6-2013Tooth Infection or Sinus Pressure?

You find yourself with tooth sensitivity to cold, pain when biting, sensitivity to throbbing sensation, and just a good old fashioned tooth ache. Is it a tooth infection or allergies causing sinus pressure?

Tooth Pain is a Common Symptom of Allergies

The maxillary sinuses are located at a very sensitive area of your teeth; at the root tips of your upper molars. Since the body naturally produces an excess of mucus to rid the body of allergens, this creates uncomfortable pressure in your face and head. When the pressure builds up touching the root tips in your teeth, you will have true symptoms of a tooth infection.

The allergens can be produced by the environment during seasonal changes, dust, allergy to pets, and various other causes that can be determined by allergy testing. But allergy tests are time consuming and you need to rid yourself of tooth pain quickly. If you are suffering from these symptoms, it’s time to determine the cause of your tooth pain.

How Can You be sure It is Allergens and not A Serious Tooth Infection?

The first call you must make is to Ocean County dentist, Dr. Ron Rotem. Dr. Rotem has been helping patients in Ocean County with allergy related tooth pain for nearly 20 years.

With a thorough and caring exam and diagnosis, Dr. Rotem can determine, within minutes, if you have a serious underlying tooth problem or a reaction to allergens.

If you do have a serious tooth infection, Dr. Rotem can treat your problem in the gentlest manner with sedation dentistry and proper medications.

If, on the other hand, your problem is a result of allergies, there are medications for sinus congestion in the form of decongestants, topical nasal spray and antihistamines. Dr. Rotem will want to know your complete medical history in case you have any health issues that can be affected by these types of medications.

When you have dental issues of any kind, don’t hesitate to call Dr. Ron Rotem for the best in knowledge about your teeth and how your overall health, including allergies, can affect your teeth.