Is It the Kiss of Breath?

Categories: Oral Hygiene
Tags: breath, odors

kiss-of-breathAre you getting the kiss you think you should be getting?  If not, it might be your breath.  Bad breath, not your personality, could be one of the reasons that people keep their distance.  How do others react to you?  When you try to get close, do others move away?

Dr. Ronen Rotem, a Toms River dentist says, “If people don’t want to get close to you, you might want to think about your breath, a reason more prevalent that people realize. As a matter of fact, bad breath is among the top three areas people should consider, including diabetes and digestive disorders.  But the first place you should look is between your teeth.”

Bacteria that hang around the mouth, in your gums and between your teeth, can be a major culprit.  Forgetting to floss leaves bacteria between your teeth, creating unpleasant odors.  Food trapped in the mouth because it is lodged in small gum pockets can also generate bacteria, which causes bad breath.  A gum infection cannot be overcome by simple brushing and using mouth wash.

If brushing and fastidious flossing do not improve your breath, you may have an underlying gum infection that is producing bad breath.  Most people don’t realize that bad breath can be also be caused by old dental work that is breaking down.

If you have bad taste in your mouth, if food doesn’t taste the same, if people are moving away from you, if you’re not getting that kiss you deserve, your dentist will be able to rule out any underlying oral problems. In the meantime, have a happy Valentine’s Day!