Loose Teeth in Adults

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Loose Teeth in Adults Can Lead to Permanent Tooth Loss

You may remember tooth loss in your childhood being a time of celebration and possibly getting some money under your pillow. Now, as an adult, a loose tooth is nothing to celebrate. Loose teeth in adults can be a warning sign of more serious issues with your overall health.

Causes of Loose Teeth in Adults

People who do not floss or brush regularly allow plaque buildup around the teeth, weakening the gum, ligaments and jaw bone that hold the teeth firm. Eventually, gingivitis is developed leading to gum recession, loosening the teeth.

Tooth grinding and jaw clenching is a habit that produces too much pressure on the teeth. This pressure is thought to be 10x more powerful than the pressure of chewing. The extensive pressure will lead to loosening teeth and eventual tooth loss if not corrected by wearing a tooth guard.

Injury to the teeth or jaw can cause teeth to loosen. If you experience any injury to the mouth area, it’s best to seek medical attention immediately to determine the extent of injury and potentially save teeth before they loosen and eventually fall out.

Many people are not aware that disease and medications can cause teeth to loosen as well. In fact, loose teeth can signal a greater health problem in your body or a reaction to medications you take for a particular disease.

Regular Dental Checkups Can Prevent Tooth Loss in Adults

The older we get, the more frequently we should have dental checkups. A minimum of a dental checkup every six months for adults is highly recommended.

Top New Jersey dentist, Dr. Ron Rotem highly recommends regular dental checkups to avoid the potential need for replacing your natural teeth. Dr. Rotem, practicing in Ocean County for nearly 20 years, specializes in replacing partial or full mouth loss of teeth with dental implants or implant dentures.

If your teeth are loose, don’t hesitate to call Dr. Rotem today. He will accurately diagnose your specific problem and be able to make the best recommendations for your loose teeth or replace those that are too far gone for treatment.

For adults suffering from loose teeth, Dr. Rotem is your best choice for professional, caring and comforting dental care solutions.

Loose teeth in adults is a matter needing immediate attention. Call Dr. Rotem today.