New Jersey Dentist, Dr.Ron Rotem, Using Modern Technology for His Patients

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Patients of New Jersey Dentist, Dr. Ron Rotem, Benefit from the Use of Digital Radiography

Practitioners are always challenged to keep up with technology to better serve their patients with the latest state-of-the-art equipment for improved diagnosis.

New Jersey Dentist, Dr. Ron Rotem operates a dental practice that is completely patient focused with the latest technology for the best possible diagnosis and treatment of his patients through digital radiography.

Digital Radiography Is Fast, Efficient and Accurate

Although aesthetics is the primary reason for people wanting to improve their smile, the technology of aesthetics goes much deeper than just a beautiful smile.

Digital radiography utilizes a small sensor placed in the mouth that delivers an immediate intraoral and extraoral image to a computer. The projected image, through digital radiography, delivers a wider dynamic range and amazing accuracy of the inner and outer structures of your teeth and gums.

This time saving technology reduces the exposure of radiation to patients by 90% and eliminates the need for costly chemicals used for developing the old fashioned film x-rays.

Why is Digital Radiography Important to You?

If the goal of your dental health is to get the best diagnosis for the most accurate medical treatment, digital radiography is the technology that delivers.

Knowing that your dentist cares enough to invest in the time and training of the latest technology to benefit your medical experience through digital radiography should make you feel confident in your care.

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