Physical Fitness is good for Teeth and Gums Too!

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What’s good for General Health is good for Teeth and Gums

Physical exercise affects our muscles, heart, lungs and teeth and gums.

When you are going to work out, don’t forget that your mouth is also connected to your body for the all around benefits of regular exercise.

Increase Physical Activity to Reduce Periodontitus

A study by the Journal of Dentistry concluded that an increase in physical activity most definitely adds to better oral health conditions and a lower risk of periodontal disease.

It showed that “never-smokers” who worked out regularly were 54% less likely to develop gum disease. Former smokers who increased physical activity reduced their risk by 74%.

Obesity also factors into the equation, as found in a paper published by the Journal of Periodontology, showing that people who had lower BMI (body mass index) were more likely to have a lower risk of periodontal disease.

Health Enhancing Behavior Benefits your Teeth and Gums

Health enhancing behavior is a combination of physical fitness and good oral health behavior.

In addition to your regular routine of exercise, include regular checkups with your dental care provider, Ocean County dentist, Dr. Ron Rotem.

Your dental health deserves to be the best and you can achieve optimum health by caring for your body and your teeth and gums through increased physical activity. Check with your physician before embarking on a new exercise regimen and call Dr. Ron Rotem for a complete and thorough examination of your teeth and gums.