Seasonal Foods can be Hazardous to Your Teeth

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Eat Well for the Sake of Your Teeth

It seems when warmer weather arrives, people completely change their eating habits and throw caution to the wind. Choosing foods and beverages with more sugar, acid and fat can be dangerous to your overall health as well as to your teeth.

Make Wise Choices

In an article written by the American Dental Association, it is suggested that it is not only what you eat that can affect your teeth, but when you east as well.

A balanced diet limiting in-between meal snacks helps maintain a good balance in your mouth. When you eat a full meal, more mouth- cleansing saliva is produced and that is good for your teeth and gums. Snacking in excess on unhealthy food does not produce a healthy supply of saliva and can add sugar and acid to the gum-line tooth area. These, left on the teeth, will cause decay and, eventually, serious gum disease.

When planning your shopping list, remember to buy fruits and vegetables for healthy snacking and try to avoid sugary beverages.  Instead, drink plenty of water to quench your thirst and keep your mouth clean.

Let Dr. Rotem Help You Stay Focused on Your Dental Health

As part of your summer plan, make sure to visit Ocean County dentist, Dr. Ron Rotem, for a complete and caring consultation. Knowing the condition of your teeth and practicing good oral health habits will help you make better choices in food and beverage selections.

Yes, summer foods and beverages can be tempting and fun. Try to keep them at a minimum, brush at least twice daily and floss after meals.  And, don’t forget to see Dr. Rotem for a professional dental check-up.

Avoiding seasonal foods that are hazardous to your health will enhance your life, the health of your teeth and your fun in any season.