Sedation Dentistry – Patient Fears & Benefits

Dental and Sedation Phobia

People who fear the dentist are known as having ‘dental phobia’.  However, some people feel even more fear when they hear the words ‘sedation dentistry’.  Why is that?  Well, in general terms, there are many people who simply think of ‘sedation’ as a complete loss of control.  Others hear the word ‘sedation’ and immediately associate this with the use of needles.  If a person fears needles, then it’s not the sedation they fear, but the process of administering the sedation.

Others jump for joy at the thought of not having to be aware of what is going on during a dental procedure; yet there are still those people who fear the sedation itself.  It can be from fear of needles, fear of loss of control, fear of not being aware of what is going on or not having trust in their dentist.

For people who fear sedation and fear going to the dentist, this can be a combination that has consequences that can lead to serious oral health problems, causing the need for even more extensive dental work.  As you can imagine, this becomes a vicious cycle.

Sedation Dentistry is Stress-Free Dentistry

Let’s face it; any invasive procedure in your mouth is going to cause discomfort.  This is one of the reasons why a portion of the population has loose or missing teeth.  These people may prefer to avoid the dentist at all costs for fear of the discomfort associated with dental work.  The unfortunate outcome of avoiding the dentist is that years of neglect can be easily detected when a person flashes a smile revealing an unhealthy mouth.  Anyone who has allowed their oral health to severely deteriorate must find a dentist they can trust.  After that, all the processes of dental treatment become easy and stress free; just like sedation dentistry.

Meet the Dentist who can Alleviate Your Fears

Ocean County dentist, Dr. Ron Rotem has been treating patients for nearly 20 years in Toms River, New Jersey.  Dr. Rotem is known for his gentle and caring nature.  But good dental care is not just a personality test; it’s a test of knowledge and professionalism as well helping patients form a trusted bond with their dentist.

Dr. Rotem is known to take a great interest in restoring self-esteem in patients by restoring their teeth to a beautiful, healthy and strong condition, giving patients the pride and joy of a beautiful, healthy smile.  With a professional focus on cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Rotem knows how to restore your smile with the greatest comfort level you can achieve as a dental patient, through sedation dentistry.

Sedation dentistry is one of the tools used by Dr. Rotem to help his patients enter a ‘stress-free-zone’ during their dental treatments.  With Dr. Rotem’s sedation dentistry, the patient is administered a small pill, with no needles or intravenous, and within a short time the patient is relaxed and can have treatment with little to no memory of the procedure.  The benefit of sedation dentistry is three fold:

  1. You can relax before and during dental treatment with a greatly diminished stress level.
  2. You can have more extensive dental procedures completed in a shorter amount of time.
  3. You will overcome your dental phobia and learn to enjoy the improvements you see after dental treatment.

If you feel you are in need of dental implants, implant dentures, tooth veneers or any other type of treatment due to obvious compromised oral health, don’t delay in calling Dr. Rotem today.

When you make the choice of who to trust as your dentist and to discuss the processes necessary to regain your dental health, you are truly the one in total control.  Don’t let the concept of ‘sedation dentistry’ or dental phobia make you believe you will lose control.  Once you make all the right choices based on solid and professional information from Dr. Rotem, you will realize all your fears have disappeared and you will be left with the benefit of a bright, healthy smile for many years to come.

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