Summer Food Favorites Can Wreak Havoc on Your Teeth

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Summer Foods Can Jeopardize Your Oral Health

We all love a good summer barbeque with lots of marinades or sweet sauces. How about those delightful and cooling sherbet or ice cream desserts? Let’s not forget pre-sweetened drinks of juice, sport drinks or any summer drink concoction you can imagine.

All of these foods and drinks can wreak havoc on a healthy summer smile.

Tips for Caring for Your Summer Smile

As most oral health professionals will advise, brushing your teeth at least twice daily and flossing after meals is the way to maintain optimum oral health.

With the addition of sweet or sticky sauces, ice creams, candy and other summer favorite foods, additional teeth brushing is required but, sometimes, unrealistic. Notably, if you’re having fun at the beach or enjoying a sweet treat on the boardwalk, your last thought is to find a place to brush your teeth.

Water is your best friend during the summer. Water can be used immediately after eating to swish around in your mouth to cleanse away some of the residue left by harmful sweet or sticky summer food and drinks. Using any other type of drink will most likely compound the serious bacterial effects of sugar remaining on teeth and gums. Although water can be helpful, try to maintain your commitment to brushing twice daily and flossing after meals.

Monitor Your Intake of Sweetened Foods and Liquids This Summer

Your best defense is to limit the amount of summer treats you eat and try to stick to a healthy eating plan and a healthy oral health regimen. When you do want to enjoy your favorite sweet summer treats, remember to keep a bottle of water handy.

Most important is a thorough summer oral health exam with Ocean County dentist, Dr. Ron Rotem. Knowing the condition of your oral health before you make that next barbeque trip or sip a sweet drink is the best way to judge what care your teeth will need this summer.

Make the best of your summer for your body and your teeth by making informed decisions about what to eat and how to treat your teeth before you treat yourself to your summer food favorites.