Taking Your Teeth To the Bank – The Stem Cell Bank

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New Jersey Dentist, Dr. Ron Rotem, With Innovative News About Your Teeth

In the not-too-distant past, scientists realized a powerful and innovative technique of harvesting stem cells from healthy teeth.

Now, coming to the forefront of rapidly advancing research, stem cell banks are carving a niche for saving your stem cells for your own regenerative medicine.

Stem Cells Are More Accessible from Teeth

Although stem cells exist throughout the entire body, they are difficult to find and to harvest. Yet, stem cells found in teeth make the stem cell easier to find and more easily accessible.  More importantly, stem cells harvested from teeth are much stronger and known to be among the most powerful stem cells in the body.

For many years, extracted teeth were simply discarded, but now, with new and innovative research, you can save your stem cells from extracted teeth for the possibility of needed medical treatment for you or your family in the future.

Saving Baby Teeth Is Not Just for Sentimental Reasons

Imagine, now, you can use a stem cell bank for your children or grandchildren to use for any future medical reason.  Banking baby teeth from your children or grandchildren is assuring them that, medically, they may get a new lease on life, if needed and the strongest form of stem cell available.

Many people who receive donor stem cells experience body rejections of donor stem cells and this can stress the body leaving it defenseless against other infection and disease.  But, in using stem cells from your own  teeth, the chance of rejection is eliminated and your immune system can work on healing instead of fighting rejection.

Dr. Ron Rotem – An Innovative New Jersey Dentist

Dr. Rotem always makes it a practice to keep himself and his interested patients and non-patients informed of the latest in medical breakthrough.

Although Dr. Rotem is a highly regarded professional known to be extremely proficient in innovative dentistry, he is not a stem cell specialist.

Therefore, this article is provided to you simply to enlighten you about the amazing possibilities for your overall good health that can be derived from your own teeth.

If you wish to learn more about stem cell research and stem cell banks, the internet is the best place to search for more in depth information.

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