The Emotional Effect of Tooth Loss

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photo_dental_-_effects_of_losing_teethTooth Loss and the Emotional Effects

Aside from the structural and cosmetic differences in the face, tooth loss has devastating effects on a person’s emotions.

Tooth loss can cause a person to become withdrawn and, in some ways, cause a person to form their own disability.

How People React to Tooth Loss

Tooth loss completely affects the essential daily living tasks such as speaking and chewing. Add to that the decreased social interaction due to embarrassment and you have a person who can no longer function normally on a daily basis.

People who have experienced tooth loss feel less confident in their daily life and this can affect relationships as well as conditions at work.  They become more withdrawn and feel less able to interact with other people, feeling a sense of focus solely on the loss of their teeth.

These effects can be devastating to a person who may feel they have no control over the problem of tooth loss. But now, with the help of Ocean County dentist, Dr. Ron Rotem, any person with tooth loss can gain control with implant dentistry.

Choose Implant Dentistry and Take Control of Tooth Loss

Ocean County dentist, Dr. Ron Rotem, has been restoring smiles for Ocean County residents for 20 years. Implant dentistry is Dr. Rotem’s specialty.

With oral sedation, Dr. Rotem can replace lost teeth with dental implants, transforming your smile, your emotions and your life.

Regardless of how severe your condition, there is a solution to replace your missing teeth. Call Dr. Rotem today and experience the most caring and professional dental help available to you in Ocean County.

Don’t choose to live another day allowing tooth loss to affect you emotionally and professionally. Join the thousands of happy people who have experienced the help of Dr. Rotem in gaining back their smiles and their happiness.

Call Dr. Rotem today and kick out the emotional effect of tooth loss in your life!