The New York Times prints Benefits of Dental Implants

The Personal Experience of a New York Times Journalist

In an article written by New York Times reporter, Jane Brody, she expresses the full detail and benefits of dental implants.

In her article, Jane details how she developed gum disease by having dental bridges that made it extremely difficult to properly clean her gums. The results of these make-shift tooth restorations proved to be only costly temporary solutions.

Dental Implants Prove To Be the Healthy, Permanent Solution

When Jane Brody contacted her periodontist, he advised her that tooth restoration by dental implant had come into the future and was the best solution for replacing missing teeth. As any good consumer should do, Jane sought a second opinion.

After researching dental implants herself and getting the advice of a dental professional, the advice of her periodontist was confirmed; dental implants were the best long-term solution by far.

In the article, Dr. Lawrence Kessler, a surgeon and associate professor at University of Miami School of Medicine, confirms “For most people that lose teeth, implants are the treatment of choice”.

Today is Your Day to Discover Dental Implants

Although any dentist can legally perform surgery, Jane Brody notes how important it is to choose a true dental implant professional and not to follow claims that promise quick results for all patients. Each patient has a different dental implant need and only a dental implant professional will know the difference.

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Once you read the New York Times article by Jane Brody, you too will see why the only option, the safe option, the option offering the best investment for your tooth replacement is the dental implant.

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