Updated Information Regarding Antibiotics before Dental Visits

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Are Antibiotics Really Necessary before Dental Work?

For many years, the American Heart Association recommended that dental patients take antibiotics prior to any dental treatment. This was thought to be a precautionary measure to prevent bacteria from entering the bloodstream, resulting from dental procedures and possibly causing endocarditis.

What is Endocarditis?

The thin membrane that lines the chambers and valves inside your heart are called endocardium. Endocarditis is when theses linings become dangerously infected.

It was thought, for many years, that dental procedures would loosen bacteria giving way for more bacteria to enter the bloodstream and risk heart infection. However, as late as 2007, this information was reversed by the AHA as a result of new findings about the amount of bacteria that really enters the body from dental procedures.

Who Should Take Antibiotics Prior to Dental Procedures?

In the 2007 findings by the AHA, it was revealed that every day normal activities release more bacteria into the bloodstream than any one single dental procedure. In fact, the use of antibiotics can have more side effects than the bacteria itself. Therefore, the precautionary measures exist now for only a select few individuals.

The AHA recommends precautionary measures for those who have had endocarditis in the past, people with artificial heart valves, certain forms of congenital heart disease and cardiac valve abnormalities after heart transplant.

Notify Your Professional Dental Care Provider

If you have personal concerns about dental treatment due to heart related conditions, contact Ocean County dentist, Dr. Ron Rotem, for a complete and thorough consultation.

You should always make your dentist aware of all health conditions and medications before embarking on a dental treatment program.

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