Why Visit The Dentist?

Why Visit The Dentist?

At Rotem Dental Care in Toms River, our dental team works hard to keep the teeth and gums of each of our patients healthy.

Teeth may seem like bone, but they are actually living structures. Inside that hard exterior is complex system of tissue. And the teeth themselves are anchored to your jaw by ligaments and a material called cementum.

Because there is so much more than meets the eye, we urge our patients to take good care of their teeth by brushing and flossing twice a day, and by visiting our office for regular cleanings and checkups. Our hygienists will remove any accumulation of plaque and tartar that has built up, and the dentist will give your teeth and gums a thorough inspection.

Why do we stress visiting the dentist? Because research has shown there is a connection between dental health and your overall physical health. In short, a healthy mouth can help you maintain a healthy body.

At Rotem Dental Care in Toms River, we provide general and cosmetic dentistry, and view it as essential to the overall health of our patients. Call our office to schedule an appointment today.

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