A Healthy Smile – A Healthy Life

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Can A Bright Smile Boost Your Mood?

The answer is yes!  And a bright, healthy smile can do more for your health than boost your mood.

Your emotional and physical health can be improved by the appearance of your smile. Look in the mirror. If your smile shows dull, uneven colored teeth or missing teeth, most likely you smile less often than you would like.

How Cosmetic Dentistry can Help You Live a Better Life

With cosmetic dentistry, your life can be improved tenfold. If your smile is bright and healthy looking, you will smile more often. Frequent smiling adds confidence to your self image. A healthy, beautiful smile will help you connect socially and professionally. Those are the outward effects, but inward effects can lower blood pressure and elevate your mood, which can, in turn, elevate your immune system.

Have you ever compared a day of little laughter to one that you remember made you smile a lot?  No doubt, the memory of the better day is the day you did a lot of smiling.

Studies have shown that people who smile more often are generally happier and live longer than most.

Cosmetic Dentistry is an Art

Ocean County dentist, Dr. Ron Rotem, has been practicing the art of providing healthy, beautiful smiles to New Jersey residents for over a decade.

This art is also a craft that affects individuals and changes their lives. When patients of Dr. Rotem finish their treatments, they walk into a new and better life; a life of increased self-esteem and a life of gifting more smiles to loved ones, friends and co-workers. The gift of a helathy, beautiful smile is an improvement for the patient and for all those who have the good fortune of associating with that person.

Why wait to create the new you? Call Ocean County dentist Dr. Ron Rotem for a complete and factual evaluation. Dr. Rotem specializes in sedation dentistry so that you can breeze through your smile makover with complete comfort. Helpful payment plans are also available. Imagine being able to remake your smile in comfort and without straining your budget.

Call Dr. Rotem today and give yourself the best gift ever; a healthy smile for a healthy life.