Are White Teeth on Your Wish List?

photo_dental_-_wish_listDon’t Wish for White…Make it Happen!

Age, what we eat, what we drink and how we care for our teeth are all contributing factors in losing the luster and white color of our teeth. But now, with advanced technology, white teeth are just a treatement away.

Get a Bright Smile with Whiter Teeth

There are several ways to whiten your teeth, but using a professional system with your dental care provider is the best way.

Depending of the severity of the loss of white on your teeth, either a tooth whitening procedure conducted at the dentist’s office, a home system provided by your dentist or dental veneers are choices for whiter, brighter teeth.

If your teeth have lost their white due to age, then veneers will be your best solution. As we age, the enamel on our tooth surface becomes thin and allows the dark color of the dentin to show through. Bleaching may not work as well if aging is the cause of grey or yellow teeth.

Veneers are applied to your natural tooth as a thin outer layer to replace that youthful, healthy lustrous white shine that brings a healthy and bright look to your face.

Ask Ocean County dentist, Dr. Rotem about Tooth Whitening

The best way to determine which whitening solution is best for you is to visit Ocean County dentist, Dr. Ron Rotem for a professional examination and consultation.

Dr. Rotem will explain each procedure and the results you can expect from the solution best for you.

And, at this holiday time, don’t forget that Dr. Rotem also has gift certificates. So, if you know someone who has teeth whitening on their holiday wish list, give them the gift that keeps them smiling with whiter, brighter teeth.

Whether a gift for someone else, or a gift for yourself, you’ll feel great when you see yourself or a loved one with a beautiful, healthy whiter smile this holiday season.