Old Fashioned Dentures Diminish Sense of Taste

Don’t Give Up the Flavor of Food with Old Fashioned Dentures

Old fashioned complete dentures, used to replace a full set of missing teeth, are made in one complete piece which includes a palate cover. This cover prevents you from tasting the natural flavors of food.

Choose the Implant Denture

One of the best advantages of the Implant Denture is it does not require a palate cover, so you can taste all of the natural flavors of food. Unlike complete dentures that slip and slide and require adhesive, the Implant Denture is permanently affixed to your jaw bone allowing you the look and feel of natural teeth.

Because the Implant Dentures is secured to the jaw bone it prevents the movement of hard acrylic, as found in conventional full dentures that irritate the gums and cause sores.

When an implant is affixed to your jaw bone, it actually stimulates the bone appropriately and minimizes bone resorption. This prevents a rapid change in bone structure and size of the jaw, so the Implant Denture can give you years of natural tooth performance.

Find Out if the Implant Denture is for You!

Ocean County dentist, Dr. Ron Rotem is an expert at dental implants, for partial denture wearers, or the Implant Denture, for full mouth tooth replacement.

Call Dr. Rotem today for a complete and caring exam and diagnosis to see if you are a candidate for the Implant Denture.

Don’t diminish your ability to taste the natural flavor of food with old fashioned complete mouth denture. Chose the Implant Denture and not only will you regain your sense of taste, but you will experience the look and feel of completely natural teeth.