Caring for Your Teeth and Mouth

Caring for your teeth and mouth are one and the same for optimum oral health.  Keeping care simple, but keeping it steady guarantees having optimum health for your teeth and mouth for life!

Basic Care for Teeth and Mouth

It’s never too late to begin dedicated basic care for your teeth and mouth.

As children our parents always told us to make sure to brush our teeth.  But something more was found to promote good oral health; flossing!  Yes, brushing and flossing daily are the most basic principals in keeping teeth and mouth healthy and germ free.

Using a fluoride toothpaste can help to keep tooth enamel strong and free from decay.  Flossing and knowing how to floss properly can keep bacteria causing plaque at bay, keeping gums healthy and strong.

Drinking a good amount of water each day also helps with the elimination of bacteria that can form from certain foods and beverages.

Foods to Avoid for the Health of Teeth and Mouth

Avoiding foods that contain high amounts of sugar or acid is a good general rule.  Either of those ingredients can do great damage to your teeth.  Also, too much acid can affect your salivary glands causing the mouth to be dry and creating a hot bed for bacteria.  We naturally produce three pints of saliva each day.  Saliva is the natural lubricant for the mouth, preventing foods and bacteria from sticking to teeth.  Consider saliva the health drink for your teeth!  Minimizing your intake of sugar and acids will keep your teeth and mouth healthy.

Alcohol can be just as damaging, so if you drink alcohol, try to cut down on consumption and make certain to accompany your drinks with a tall glass of water.

Rotem Dental Care for Teeth and Mouth

If you live in Ocean County, make it a point to familiarize yourself with the best and most complete care for your total oral health; Rotem Dental Care.

For 20 years, Dr. Ron Rotem and his experienced staff have helped healthy smiles stay healthy and have brought optimum health to not-so-healthy smiles that needed extensive care.

The health of your teeth completely affects the health of your mouth and vice versa.  Keeping gums clean of food, sugars and acids is important to keeping your teeth free from cavities.  One cannot live without the good health of the other.

Give Rotem Dental Care a call today because whether you’re looking to maintain your oral health with convenient basic visits or are in need of complete rebuilding of the health of your teeth and mouth, Rotem Dental Care is the place for you.