Missing Teeth

It’s time for Halloween and carving up the pumpkin.  Part of the pumpkin carving tradition is to carve triangular eyes and missing teeth.  Missing teeth may be fun on a pumpkin, but in real life missing teeth are no laughing matter.

Complications of Missing Teeth

In addition to the cosmetic affect of missing teeth, the important structural component of the face is compromised. Further complications set in when missing teeth are not replaced immediately.  When left untreated, empty spaces cause problems with eating, digesting, speaking and other basic oral functions.  Additionally the remaining teeth will shift wanting to fill the gaps left by missing teeth.  This will result in serious complications furthering the need for more intensive dental treatment.

Causes of Missing Teeth

Generally speaking, tooth decay is the largest contributor to losing teeth.  Tooth decay is most often related to gingivitis, a gum disease that weakens the jawbone, thus loosening the grip on teeth.  If left untreated, the gums recede to a point where the tooth no longer has an anchor and falls out.  Allowing the jaw bone to deteriorate to this extent can be extremely difficult to remedy.

The best defense against tooth loss is daily brushing, flossing and periodic dental check-ups.

Replacing Missing Teeth

If you’ve fallen victim to gum disease and lost teeth, your immediate action is required!

Rotem Dental Care in Toms River practices the most advanced procedures for replacing missing teeth with porcelain dental implants.  Nothing could be as strong or look as natural as porcelain dental implants.

Dental implants can replace one missing tooth, a series of teeth or full mouth tooth replacement over implants.  Whatever the need, Rotem Dental Care has the expertise and reputation for creating beautiful smiles with attention to a caring attitude toward all patients.  For 20 years, Dr. Ron Rotem has been replacing missing or loose teeth with the most modern dentistry available in Ocean County.

Don’t let dental decay ruin your smile with missing teeth.  Call Rotem Dental Care today for your consultation and recreate the natural, beautiful smile you deserve.