Dental Health and Aging

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photo_dental_-_dental_health_and_againgNeglecting Your Dental Health while Aging

At this time of year everyone is busy, but taking time out to care for your teeth is a necessity, especially if you’re in the age group between 40 and 60.

Many people believe that losing teeth is part of aging, but the truth is you can keep your teeth for life with proper oral hygiene.

Dental Hygiene is More Important as you Age

The mouth changes with age. With the shrinking of the dental nerve, you can miss the fact that you have cavities or other serious problems going on. If you don’t visit your dentist regularly, existing problems can lead to major problem requiring extensive dental procedures.

Taking good care of your teeth with the assistance of your dental professional is very important as you age.

Tips for Maintaining Good Oral Health as you Age

  • Brush at least two times daily
  • Floss after meals
  • If you smoke, try to quit. Aside from other serious disease, smoking leads to gum disease
  • Check for side effects of medications that may cause dry mouth.
  • Drink plenty of water to reduce bacteria in your mouth
  • Change your toothbrush often; at least every 12 weeks

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Dental health and aging should not be a problem if proper oral care becomes part of your daily life.