Denture Wearers – How to Eat Your Favorite Foods This Summer

Good Practices for Denture Wearers and Summer Grilling

Summer ’tis the season to be grilling, but denture wearers must take note of some easy steps to keep that feeling of comfort of your natural teeth.

Learning to eat with dentures takes a little time, but can be mastered when you follow some simple precautionary steps.

Learning to Eat with Dentures

Many people who are new to dentures have a fear of how they will eat their favorite foods, especially when the time for summer grilling comes around.

If you are new to wearing dentures, take some time to practice the following steps of caution:

1. Start with liquid or very soft foods.  Consider cooked cereals, purees, puddings, soup broth and scrambled or chopped eggs.

2. Be careful with hot foods.  Dentures make it tricky to feel tempertures, so let your food or hot liquids cool before consuming.  With foods, sample a small piece and touch it to your tongue first to test the temperature.  That will let you know if the temperature is safe for your mouth.  With liquids, use a spoon to sample a small amount before consuming so as not to burn your mouth.

3. When you move on to solid foods, make certain to cut small pieces and chew each piece thoroughly.  Many times, it is best to try to position your solid food at the back of the right side and the back of the left side of your dentures for even food distribution and chewing.

4. Eating fruit is best when it is cut into very thin or very small pieces.  Another great option is to soften the fruit by cooking it.  The grilling season is the perfect solution for cooking your fruit.

5. If you love your whole grain breads, you must accompany them with a liquid so that they are easier to chew and won’t catch particles under your dentures.

6. Try not to eat meat that is tough to chew.  Replace tough meats with poultry, fish, eggs or legumes or substitute with stewed meat that is softer for chewing.

7. If you feel you must have that corn on the cob, use extra dental adhesive that can stand up to the necessary strong bite.  Or, slide a knife down the cob and eat the corn in kernel form.

It All Depends on The Denture

There are all sorts of dentures manufactured for denture wearers.  Ocean County Dentist, Dr. Ron Rotem, has the selection of the best fitting dentures on the market.

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Many people considering wearing dentures fear they won’t be able to talk clearly or eat their favorite foods.  Don’t let fear stand in your way as technology has introduced new methods for great fitting dentures.

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