Diabetes and Gum Disease

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Diabetes Increases Susceptibility to Infection

According to a clinical study by Diabetes Journals, diabetes is an important risk factor in progressive periodontitis infections, commonly referred to as gum disease.

The infection, or lesions, can cause severe deterioration resulting in the destruction of supporting bone and tissue that surround and support the teeth.

The Connection between Diabetes and Gum Disease

Both diabetes and gum disease are believed to share a common thread; Enhanced Inflammatory Response. The inflammatory response is thought to be caused by the chronic effects of hyperglycemia (high blood sugar). It is concluded that this altered inflammatory response is linked to periodontal disease and other oral problems.

Steps You Can Take to Prevent Periodontal Disease Resulting from Diabetes

The high incidence of periodontal disease in individuals with poorly controlled diabetes is proven! The major focus, when you have diabetes, is good blood sugar control. This is paramount for maintaining good health for all bodily organs as well as preventing gum disease. The immune system, in diabetics, is already compromised so preventing gum disease is significant for better overall health.

Ranking right up there with good blood sugar control is dedicated maintenance of your oral health with a dental professional. Ocean County dentist, Dr. Ron Rotem, is that professional.

Dr. Rotem has been successfully treating New Jersey patients with oral health problems for over a decade. Dr. Rotem has an excellent track record of creating healthy beautiful smiles. Equally important is the fact that Ocean County dentist, Dr. Ron Rotem, is known for his sincere and caring attitude and gentle treatment of all patients, regardless of the type of work necessary.

Individuals with diabetes must see their dental professional a minimum of every six months to keep their oral health in optimum condition.

If you have diabetes, call Dr. Ron Rotem today! Dedicate yourself to good blood sugar control and steadfast dental maintenance for continued good overall health and the prevention of the serious side effects of gum disease.