FAQ; How Do I Care for My Dental Implants?

Important Care Instructions for Dental Implant Patients

If you have already had your dental implant procedure, and your implants are complete, you must be diligent in the care of your implants just as you would with your natural teeth.

Much like your natural teeth, implant teeth can be worn down and plaque and tarter can still form between the teeth, causing gum damage and disease.

Doctor’s Orders for Your Implants

Every implant patient is different.  Each patient will receive specific instructions from their dentist as to how soon after the procedure a patient can begin regular care.  With some procedures being more complex than others, care with caution will be included in the initial directions.

General Implant Care Should be Exceptional Care

Once you get the ‘green-light’ to go ahead with general care of your implants, you should practice the following guidelines for exceptional care:

1. Floss gently and brush your teeth regularly after each meal.

2. Use a special toothbrush designed to clean particles at the bottom of the implant, where the implant meets the abutment.

3. Use a bent handle tooth brush to get behind the implants for thorough cleaning.

4. Rinse your mouth regularly after each cleaning.

5. Avoid chewing hard or sticky foods that can damage the surface of the implant.

6. Avoid smoking and excessive drinking of coffee or tea or any item that can stain your implants, causing them to look worn and unkempt.

7. Schedule additional cleanings with your dentist, possibly four times annually, to keep your implants looking like new.

Following an exceptional care regimen for your dental implants will insure that you will enjoy your new, beautiful healthy smile for many years to come.

Exceptional care requires exceptional sedation and implant dentistry by Dr. Ron Rotem. Call today for your dental implant consultation