The Results of Uneven Bite

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Are You Experiencing the Pain of Uneven Bite?

When you bite down, all of your teeth should touch evenly throughout your mouth at the same time.  Just as important as having the teeth come together at the same time, is testing the bite when the jawbone moves left and right.

If you are experiencing any discomfort with your bite, you have an uneven bite and this can adversely affect your entire jaw bone structure.

Causes of an Uneven Bite

The causes of an uneven bite vary and can begin at any age.

Uneven bite can start as early as childhood with early loss of teeth, due to cavities, making the bite uneven at an important developmental stage.

Adult tooth loss without speedy tooth replacement can cause teeth to shift causing an uncomfortable, uneven bite.

Improperly finished orthodontic work or multiple uneven crowns and fillings can also cause a shift in your bite.

Uneven Bite Leads to TMJ Problems

Problems with TMJ, the joint in the jaw bone, are very common and definitely are a result of the many causes of uneven bite.

Any dental restoration should feel natural.  If you have had tooth restoration that does not feel natural when you bite, you will have problems with possible splitting teeth, loose teeth, shifting bite and pain in your teeth.

Uneven Bite Can be Avoided

There is no substitute for professional knowledge, skill and experience when performing bite restoration, as this procedure can be very complicated.

New Jersey Dentist, Dr. Ron Rotem, has had many years of perfecting bites for people with loose or missing teeth, deteriorating jawbone or poorly applied fillings and crowns.

If you feel you are experiencing uneven bite symptoms, such as pain in your teeth or jaw (TMJ), please call Dr. Ron Rotem today.

It’s never too soon to correct uneven bite that can cause multiple problems and expense for you in the future.