Implant Supported Dentures – A Benefit for Denture Wearers

Implant Dentures Offer Improved Stability

Imagine being able to talk without your dentures slipping or, now, being able to eat foods that old fashioned dentures prevent you from eating.

Candidates for implant secured dentures are people who now wear regular dentures and want an improved fit or people who have lost all of their teeth and have enough bone to use for securing the implants.

How do Implant Secured Dentures Work?

Implant dentures are secured to your jaw bone with implants that snap or clip to your dentures over your gums and secure them in place for your comfort.  More commonly, implant dentures are made for the lower denture, which is usually more problematic than upper dentures, but implant dentures are available for either top or bottom use.

There are two types of implant dentures.  One is a fitted bar implant and the other is a ball implant.  With the bar type, a thin metal bar is shaped to the curve in your jawbone and is attached to implants that have been inserted into your jawbone.  Either clips or other attachment material join the denture to the implant.

The ball type of implant works as a “snap-in” type of system where, like a snap, there is a ball shape that fits into a socket on the denture.

What is the Procedure for Implant Dentures?

There are generally two surgeries involved for the implant denture procedure.  The first procedure is to place the implants into the jawbone.  The second procedure will expose the implant for denture attachment.

The amount of time needed for the full procedure is completely dependent on each individual’s needs, overall health and condition of the jaw bone.

A personal consultation with New Jersey Dentist, Dr. Ron Rotem, is the best way to assess your eligibility and the estimated time frame needed for your implant supported dentures.

If you or someone you know is looking to secure their denture fittings, call Dr. Rotem today for professional and experienced sedation dentistry, making your implant supported denture procedure a more comfortable and pleasant experience.