Would You Know if You Had a Dental Injury?

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Injury to Teeth and Gums

Injuries to the teeth or gums can be brought on by heavy biting or chewing or grinding of the teeth.  Forceful chewing or grinding the teeth can cause a tooth to crack, allowing bacteria to form and cause more damage and risk to your overall health.  The nerves and / or blood vessels can also be damaged and this type of injury should not be ignored.

What Are the Typical Signs of Injury?

Generally, if you have a dental injury, you will feel some sort of discomfort or pain.

It can be triggered by cold or hot liquids or experiencing pain through daily chewing. Some studies consider these injuries to be an emergency. Regardless of how slight the pain, it’s possible that an infection has already begun to enter the system and that can be problematic, and in rare occasions, life threatening.

Contact Your Dental Professional Right Away!

If you feel any pain or pressure from your teeth or gums, you should contact your dental professional as soon as possible. Any dental injury can affect living tissue inside the teeth, causing further health risks. Speedy attention to a dental injury may improve the odds of saving teeth affected by injury.

If you lose a filling or crown, the same is true even though you may not feel any pain.  The tooth, losing its support system, can easily crack or allow bacteria to enter.  Prompt care is essential.

New Jersey Dentist, Dr, Ron Rotem, is an excellent diagnostic dental professional and, with sedation dentistry, can treat your dental injury quickly and effectively, without you experiencing any pain.

If a dental injury has been left untreated, it may require tooth replacement.  In today’s advanced world of cosmetic dentistry and strong, natural looking materials, tooth replacement is easy. And, with the professional cosmetic dentistry skills of Dr. Rotem, quality tooth replacement is long lasting.

The best health practice for dental injury is caution, prevention or immediate care if needed.

If you feel you may have a dental injury, call Dr. Ron Rotem today for a speedy diagnosis and prompt, professional and caring treatment.