Ocean County Dentist, Dr. Rotem, Knows the Psycological Affects of Unhealthy Smiles

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Ocean County Dentist, Dr. Rotem, Feels Your Pain

Ocean County Dentist, Dr. Ron Rotem has seen, over the years, many adults who have fallen into deep depression due to the appearance of their teeth.

Dr. Rotem knows firsthand how loose or missing teeth, ill fitting dentures, bad breath caused by gum disease and stained teeth can affect your life and your overall feelings of self esteem.  In fact, many times a person’s career path can be hindered by the appearance of their teeth, leaving them feeling undesirable for job advancement.

Dr. Rotem Knows that Enhancing Oral Health Can Enhance Quality of Life

Anyone who has experienced the loss of teeth or any other condition that affects their smile knows how difficult it can be to enjoy life.  People hide their smile by not smiling at all; not allowing themselves to laugh and enjoy life.  Many leave their mouths closed during conversations for fear of showing their teeth or lack thereof. Some people have reported being so afraid that a loose tooth will fall out as they speak, that they don’t speak at all.

All of these issues take a great toll on your entire psychological state and this can adversly affect the day to day feeling you can develop of low self esteem.

It’s time to take action and enhance quality of life again with sedation and implant dentistry.

Dr. Rotem Restores Smiles and Lives

Anyone who is or has been a patient of Ocean County Dentist, Dr. Ron Rotem, knows that he takes personal pride in helping his patients get back their lives through implant dentistry.  In short, he cares!

Loose or missing teeth can now be replaced and last a lifetime, giving you the independence you need to feel in charge of your life.

The procedure for dental implants can be quick and painless with sedation dentistry.

If you have any reservations about implant or sedation dentistry, simply make a phone call and schedule a consultation with Dr. Ron Rotem.

When you meet with Dr. Ron Rotem, you will find yourself feeling at home, cared about and completely understood.  Thousands of people have walked through the doors of Dr. Rotem’s office initially feeling hopeless but, after implant dentistry, have left feeling on top of the world.

Don’t allow your teeth to take over your life.  Take charge again and call Ocean County Dentist, Dr. Ron Rotem today!