Research Indicates the Growing Dangers of Dry Mouth

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photo_dental_-_cavity_ridden_tooth_2-25-2013A Growing Number of Cases of Dry Mouth

According to one study by Georgia Health Sciences University, it is believed that 44 million Americans suffer from the dangerous and debilitating effects of dry mouth.

Dry mouth has numerous causes, most of which result in a dangerous situation for your overall health.

Dry Mouth Bacterial Growth can lead to a Systemic Threat 

According to leading New Jersey Dentist, Dr. Ron Rotem, “the number of dry mouth cases seems to be growing in epidemic proportions”.

When saliva, the natural cleansing agent for the mouth, is diminished, bacteria grow and begin to attack oral health with cavities and gum disease. Saliva neutralizes the acids in the mouth, protecting against bacterial growth.

Cavities hold bacteria and weaken the teeth, while gum disease caused by bacteria weakens the jaw bone causing dangerous health conditions for the entire body as well as loosening and loss of teeth. The results can be devastating to your health and your finances. Also, dry mouth can have some embarrassing effects such as chronic bad breath.

Causes of dry mouth can vary. Prescription medications, certain diseases or a severe systemic health problem can bring on dry mouth and its serious side effects.

Preventative Checkups Can Stabilize Dry Mouth

Some early home solutions such as cutting out caffeine, drinking plenty of water and eating fibrous foods can assist in the production of more saliva.

However, to truly contain the dry mouth situation and protect your mouth from bacterial attack, frequent preventative dental checkups are necessary.

Ocean County dentist, Dr. Ron Rotem is experienced with patients who suffer from dry mouth. Dr. Rotem knows the signs of dry mouth and the effective solutions necessary to help you prevent damage to your oral health and your overall health.

Call Dr. Rotem today and make an appointment for a quick evaluation and expert diagnosis for your symptoms of dry mouth.

Remember, as research has indicated, dry mouth is a serious oral health problem and you should avoid the risks associated with the dangers of dry mouth.