February is National Heart Health Month

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photo_dental_-_heart_healthThe Link between Inflammation of Gums and Inflammation of Arteries

Inflammation is a common thread in both gum disease and heart disease. Does this mean that gum disease can cause heart disease? The jury is still out o the findings, but it is known that the progression of plaque building up in arteries is similar to the inflammation in gums caused by plaque on the teeth.

The Link between Oral Disease and Heart Disease

Many researchers say that poor oral health does not cause heart attacks. Other researchers, according to the Academy of General Dentistry, indicate that the mouth, or pathway to the body, is the key indicator to the overall health condition of the body.

These researchers have suggested that the bacteria present in the mouth, from gum disease, can enter the body and attach to blood vessels causing the perfect storm for blood clots by raising blood pressure. Clots restrict the blood flow to and from the heart and can lead to disastrous results.

Is Good Oral Health the only Key to a Healthy Heart?

Good oral health is one important factor to a healthy heart. Proper diet and daily exercise and overall good care of your entire body work hand in hand with good oral health.

Flossing after meals and brushing your teeth twice daily is the minimum recommendation for good oral health. Risks for heart disease can be increased by smoking, poor nutrition and leading a sedentary lifestyle.

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