Do You Suffer from Dental Anxiety?

photo_dental_-_fearDental Anxiety

Dental anxiety is the fear of going to the dentist. If you suffer from dental anxiety, most likely it was developed during your childhood years. Feeling embarrassed, fear of the unknown, fear of pain and loss of control are the most common causes for dental anxiety.

Why Many People Suffer from Dental Anxiety

The first and most popular reason for dental anxiety is the fear of pain. No one wants to have a painful experience. Many times childhood experiences of dental treatment, when modern day pain-relieving solutions were not available, leave a person with a memory that translates to a bad experience.

A secondary reason for dental anxiety is embarrassment. The perception of your dentist becoming judgmental about the condition of your teeth may cause you the anxiety of believing you will hear negative comments about your teeth from your dentist.

Fear of the unknown is common in almost any circumstance and can be one of the common reasons to fear going to the dentist.

Sitting in a dental chair with a doctor examining the oral cavity can also make a person very uncomfortable, giving them a feeling of loss of control.

If you can identify with any of these feeling, most likely you suffer from dental anxiety.

Find Solutions for your Dental Anxiety with Dr. Ron Rotem

Ocean County dentist, Dr. Ron Rotem is known for his caring and gentle approach to dentistry because of his deep understanding and appreciation of dental anxiety. Dr. Rotem’s first goal in caring for your dental health is your comfort.

Dr. Rotem has been providing his patients with sedation dentistry in Ocean County for nearly two decades. Sedation dentistry is a modern and safe way to receive the most extensive treatment with little to no memory of the procedure. And, because so much more can be accomplished while the patient is sedated, the number of visits to the dentist can be reduced.

With so many years of experience and success, Dr. Rotem has seen and treated every type of dental problem imaginable. You have no need to feel embarrassed with Dr. Rotem because he understands that embarrassment creates a vicious cycle of not seeking professional dental care due to the fear of hearing negative comments. When people avoid dental care as a result of their fears, their dental health will deteriorate and progressively become worse. Dr. Rotem is a professional and you can confide in him about your particular fears so that he can treat your dental condition and comfort your fears.

Your single solution for all of your dental fears and anxiety is to call Dr. Rotem today! Break the vicious cycle of allowing fear to keep you from caring for your dental health.

A vast majority of the population suffers from dental anxiety. Call Dr. Rotem today for your appointment and discover how he can make your dental anxiety disappear with your first consultation.