Dental Implants vs. Adhesive Dentures

photo_dental_-_21st_century_couple_with_computerThe History of Adhesive Dentures

Around 700 BC, the Etruscans made prosthetic teeth out of human or animal teeth. This is where the concept for dentures began. The oldest, more complete denture was first seen in Japan in the 1500’s. In this instance, the adhesive, or suction method, was used on a wooden denture. This method was popular through the 19th century. The only change, in all that time, was the material used, changing wood to more natural looking teeth and gums with a variety of plastics, porcelian and even gold.

This is the Age of Dental Implants

As time passes, all methods of making things advance and improve. This is especially true in the area of dental prosthesis.

The dental implant uses a “root” device that is implanted into the jawbone, under the gum, for a permanent anchor to an artificial but beautifully natural looking tooth. This is the most secure and natural method of replacing either single or full mouth missing teeth.

Dental implants, for individual teeth, fill in obvious spaces between healthy teeth where one tooth has been lost or extracted for any number of reasons. Whereas, full mouth dental implants or the new implant denture replace the full upper, lower or full mouth of teeth for people who require full mouth tooth replacement.

The Benefits of Dental Implants

There is nothing better than having teeth permanently implanted in your jaw, replicating the root and natural tooth system. The benefits are many.

Let’s begin with simple nutrition. People who have missing teeth or full mouth dentures cannot eat food properly. The chewing process is uncomfortable and can cause sores on the gums from the plastic prosthetic covering the gum. Additionally, it is virtually impossible to enjoy the flavor of food since a full upper mouth adhesive denture covers the palate. Imagine having natural feeling anchored, rooted teeth instead! Eating, tasting and no fear of denture slippage make the entire eating experience more enjoyable and nutritional. As we age, nutrition is extremely important, yet people give up the nutritional benefit of food when they choose adhesive dentures or no tooth replacement at all.

When you have dental implants, you don’t have the constant need to change the fit of your adhesive dentures or dental bridge. Adhesive dentures allow the jawbone to shrink and change shape, whereas dental implants maintain the integrity of the jawbone.

Smiling is the best advantage of dental implants. There is no need to fear the appearance of plastic looking dentures or a denture that may slip when you smile. And, for individual dental implants, the tooth is made to fit the size, shape and color of all of your remaining natural teeth. Hands down, the dental implant is superior to any other type of tooth replacement on the market.

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And, Dr. Rotem practices sedation dentistry. Imagine being able to completely relax with little to no memory of your dental procedure! Dr. Rotem knows that comfort is a priority with his patients.

It’s time to move into the 21st Century and throw away the concept of ancient dental prosthetics and adhesive dentures for the latest and best tooth replacement process available in the 21st Century; dental implants.

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