Summer Foods Can Harm Your Teeth

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Take Extra Care of Your Teeth This Summer

With the summer in full swing, people tend to consume different varieties of food, in greater quantity, that contain more sugars and acids.  The more you know about these foods, the easier it will be to enjoy them while controlling the harmful effects they can have on your teeth.

How Summer Foods Can Harm Your Teeth

Sugar and acid are the two main natural food ingredients that can harm your teeth.

Sugar feeds the bacteria already present in your mouth. Sucrose is the worst type of sugar as it adheres strongly to your teeth which makes it that much more difficult to remove.

Among foods that create natural acid in your mouth, some fruits are prime contributors. Because the mouth naturally forms acid, adding to it will speed the decay of the enamel on your teeth. Lactic acid is produced when bacteria feed on plaque buildup and this is what weakens and, eventually, destroys the enamel on your teeth.  Water can rinse away some of the effects of acidity in your mouth, but be careful not to brush for at least one hour after eating acidic foods.  Teeth are porous and brushing will soften them, making the acid easier to absorb.  That is pretty ironic for those of us who think brushing right away is the best defense!

Your caution should be with any foods that are sticky, stay in your mouth too long, contain preservatives or are known to have a high sugar and acid content.

Summer Foods Can Harm or Help Your Teeth

And the culprits are: soda, BBQ sauces, apples, hard candies, pickled vegetables, breads, popcorn, peanut butter, jelly, meat and salad dressing.

All of the above contain high levels of sugar or acids.  They are part of the summer enjoyment, so make sure to drink plenty of water after consuming any of these foods.

And the winning foods that are good for your teeth and should be enjoyed all year long are: dairy products, cheese, green tea, raw fruit high in Vitamin C, vegetables rich in Vitamin A, celery, sesame seeds, protein rich foods and the ever popular, water.

The good-for-your-teeth foods are generally high in protective vitamins and protein rich and generate saliva to naturally clean away harmful bacteria.

Summer is Not Vacation Time from The Dentist

Each summer brings us a feeling of freedom and the tendency to throw caution to the wind can sneak up on us.  Don’t let summer time keep you away from your dentist.

Mark your calendar to visit your dentist for a thorough cleaning of your teeth so you can make certain to have your teeth free from harmful plaque and bacteria. Getting your teeth professionally cleaned at least once before the summer and once again twelve weeks later will be like an insurance policy for the health of your teeth.

Don’t let summer fun and food ruin the heath of your teeth.  Call Ocean County dentist, Dr. Ron Rotem, today to schedule a maintenance teeth cleaning and enhance your summer fun with a healthy, beautiful smile from Dr. Ron Rotem.