Ever Wonder About the Importance of Dental Implants vs. a Fixed Bridge?

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Why Dental Implants Are a Better Choice Over the Fixed Bridge

If you have loose, crooked or missing teeth, you’ve probably wondered about the benefits of dental implants vs. a fixed bridge.

Many people believe that implants are more expensive than a fixed bridge, but the information provided here will show you how implants, in the long run, are much more affordable than a fixed bridge.

The Benefits of Implants vs. Fixed Bridge

The first issue that presents itself with a fixed bridge is that you need a strong tooth on either side of the tooth you are replacing. A fixed bridge must have something to be affixed to, and if you are missing more than one tooth, fixed bridge will not be an option.

Secondly, a fixed bridge is simply a surface fix. This means that future root infections or cracked crowns can plague you and run your dental tab up for years to come. In most cases, fixed crowns average about 15% need partial or complete refurbishing and 33% needing complete replacement.

Lastly, the adjoining teeth must be cut down to be used as abutments. This opens more potential to the surrounding teeth weakening and possible infection. A fixed bridge can also cause variation of the face or jawbone, often the case when a tooth is removed.

All of the potential problems associated with a fixed bridge can bring you years of problems and increased dental bills.

Dental Implants – 98.5% Success Rate!

With dental implants, an abutment is placed into the jawbone, acting as a natural root to hold your new porcelain tooth.  The surgical placement of this fixture forms a natural structural and functional connection.  However, unlike a natural root, you will never need a root canal.

A dental implant has no need to file down adjoining teeth and, because of the natural structural and functional connection with the jawbone, there is no compromise to the face or jawbone.  Natural chewing action is resumed, stimulating the gum, thus no chance of the body resorbing the jawbone, as is the case with a fixed bridge.  Dental implants also fill the gaps that exist between missing teeth and natural teeth. No need for adjoining teeth for attachment of a fixed bridge.

With dental implants, you can expect to have them last your lifetime. With a 98.5% success rate, no need for root canal or cracking crowns, it is safe to say that dental implants are a one time investment offering loads of return on your investment.

Are You a Candidate for Dental Implants?

If you have loose, crooked or missing teeth, now is the time to act. Don’t wait for your gum to degenerate and loose the potential for dental implants.

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