The Importance of Replacing Missing Teeth

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Missing Teeth Can Change Your Appearance and Your Health

Missing teeth leave gaps in your mouth that can change the appearance of your face as well as become a detriment to your health.

An open gap in your mouth causes your other teeth to shift and can trap foods that cause bacterial infection in your mouth and throughout your body.

How Long Can You Wait Before Replacing Missing Teeth?

You should not wait at all.  The care for a missing tooth needs to be immediate to insure your other teeth will not shift and your bite will not change.

Each tooth in your mouth functions individually and has its own purpose.  Losing one tooth can set everything else off balance.  Your bite will change and can cause pain and discomfort.  You may develop TMJ accompanied by a clicking jaw and serious pain.  Trapped food in the gaps of missing teeth can cause gum disease and as health issues mount, so does the cost of professional care that must follow.

Replacing missing teeth immediately is the only way to prevent the onset of other more serious health issues, orally and physically.

What is the Best Method for Replacing a Missing Tooth?

The best method and most frequently used method is the dental implant.

The base of the implant is solidly inserted into your gum or jawbone.  This works like a natural root.  The abutment appearing above the gum allows a perfectly natural looking tooth to be attached and fill the gap with a natural replication of your missing tooth.  Shape, size and color will match the missing tooth for return of normal appearance and function.

This method is the most natural feeling and needs little to no attention in the future.  You won’t have to worry about replacement costs under most normal circumstances.

If you choose to have an implant, visit Ocean County dentist, Dr.Ron Rotem, who has been replacing missing teeth safely and comfortably for many years. Choosing a doctor who has a good track record with cosmetic dentistry is very important. And Dr. Rotem offers pill-form sedation that will make your visit extremely comfortable with little to no memory of the procedure.

Once you’ve replaced your missing tooth with a dental implant, you will feel your natural bite is more secure and your youthful appearance preserved. Nothing can compare to your natural teeth like a dental implant.

If you have missing teeth that are changing your appearance and making you uncomfortable, call Ocean County dentist, Dr. Rotem, today for immediate replacement of your missing teeth with dental implants.