Using Your Teeth for Tools Can be Expensive!

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Using Teeth as Tools

How many of you buy items and use your teeth to bite off the plastic string that holds the price tag? Seems people don’t want to take the time to grab a pair of scissors and, instead, use their teeth as a cutting tool.

If you use your teeth as tools, don’t be surprised when you find yourself in the dentist chair with cracked or broken teeth needing more than just cosmetic dental procedures.

All the Uses of Teeth for Tools

It’s amazing how many handy ways people find to use their teeth. There’s tearing off pieces of packing tape, tearing open sealed snack bags, candy bar wrappers, opening a pack of cigarettes, opening bottles, tearing open the FedEx package, biting out a wine cork, holding pins for sewing, biting their nails, cracking nuts, biting pencils and other objects, opening shells of seafood and more. On and on we can go with all the various ways people use their teeth and lose their teeth.

That’s right!  Using teeth as tools can make more than chips and cracks in your teeth and even make you lose some teeth.  You can loosen them and completely misalign your bite in the process. Now your troubles are just beginning.

Teeth Are Not Meant to be Tools

Teeth are designed for three specific functions. Chewing, helping us speak properly and holding our lips and cheeks structurally in place.

When you use your teeth for anything else, as a tool, you can wear down the enamel; loosen teeth and cause chips or severe cracks.  All of these issues will result in serious problems for your oral health and the need for lots of dental work to correct inappropriate use of your teeth.

Protect Your Teeth and They Will Stay with You

Protect your teeth by using them for their original design.  Keep them clean of plaque and resulting bacteria.  Floss, brush and rinse your teeth at least two times daily.

Most importantly, visit your dentist for regular checkups and professional cleanings.

If it’s too late for you and your teeth have been damaged by using them as tools, feel confident that Ocean County dentist, Dr. Ron Rotem, can help you restore your natural looking teeth with dental implants or veneers for less serious issues.

A gentle reminder is to learn to use the proper tools provided for all the other tasks in life and keep your teeth safe and secure by not using your teeth as tools.