Tooth Loss Causes Structural Changes

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The Effects of Tooth Loss

The loss of a tooth can play havoc on your emotions as well as the structure of your face. The absence of a tooth or several teeth causes deterioration of the jaw bone, increased pressure on other working teeth and aging structural changes to the face.

Immediate Tooth Replacement is a Necessity

The loss of one single tooth activates the immediate process of jawbone deterioration. Because the jawbone is stimulated through the act of chewing, a missing tooth means lack of stimulation for a healthy jawbone allowing deterioration to begin. Left untreated, the changing effects on the jawbone begins with shrinkage of the bone which can leave nerves exposed. This can result of tremendous gum sensitivity, pain and the complete breakdown of the health of the jawbone.

The immediate insertion of a dental implant will save your jawbone for the continuing and serious effects of jawbone deterioration resulting from tooth loss. The Dental Implant takes the place of the root and natural tooth and allows the proper chewing action that stimulates a healthy jawbone. Your overall appearance is also preserved. Allowing time to lapse allows the facial muscles to become weak, lacking the support of the teeth needed for facial muscles around the mouth and cheek area. Once these muscles are weakened, the face “drapes” over the bone causing you to look much older and project an unhealthy appearance.

Dr. Ron Rotem’s Dental Implant Specialty

Ocean County dentist, Dr. Ron Rotem specializes in Dental Implant surgery and Implant Supported Dentures. If you have lost one tooth or many teeth, Dr. Rotem is your local specialist for Dental Implants.

When you visit with Dr.Rotem, he will explain the entire dental implant procedure and answer all of your questions. Dr. Rotem’s goal is to make you completely comfortable with an informative consultation clarifying the length of time for your treatment and, if needed, helpful payment programs.

Don’t allow jawbone deterioration to change your appearance and your emotional state. Call New Jersey top dentist, Dr.Ron Rotem today to correct the devastating structural changes caused by tooth loss.