Deep Cleaning May Prevent Tooth Loss

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photo_dentao_-_root_cleaning_unhealthy_toothPreventing Tooth Loss from Periodontal Disease

Scaling and root planing, known as deep cleaning, is the first non-surgical step in preventing tooth loss.

If you’ve been diagnosed with gum disease, deep cleaning may be recommended by your dental professional for healing and shrinking of periodontal pockets.

How Deep Cleaning Works

When plaque and tartar are left on the teeth for long periods of time, the buildup of bacteria irritates the gums and begins to cause bleeding and the formation of pockets holding bacteria below the gum line. The bacteria thrive in these pockets, resulting in the destruction of the gum tissue.

Deep cleaning or root planing is  the process of removing infected tooth structures formed from deep pockets of bacteria and smoothing the surface, helping the pockets to shrink.

Deep pockets that have formed under the gum line are a result of long term neglect and require more than surface scaling of the teeth.

Don’t be confused by the two processes. Normal scaling of plaque from the teeth will not reach deep down into infected pockets that destroy gum and tooth structure. If you need a deep cleaning, you will most likely want to request sedation.

How Sedation Dentistry helps with Deep Cleaning

Depending of the seriousness of the tooth surface and the depth of the pocket, your deep cleaning may touch upon very sensitive areas and cause discomfort.

Ocean County dentist, Dr. Ron Rotem believes his patients should be as comfortable and relaxed as possible during any invasive procedure and sedation dentistry will most likely be suggested by Dr. Rotem for your deep cleaning procedure. Sedation also makes it possible to accomplish more work in one sitting than would normally be possible without sedation.

If you have swollen or bleeding gums, call Dr. Rotem today and schedule a professional consultation to see if you are a candidate for deep cleaning, or root planing.

Deep cleaning, if done properly and in a timely fashion, can help save your teeth from loosening or from total loss. Don’t hesitate when it comes to your oral health and call Dr.Rotem today to find out how deep cleaning may prevent tooth loss for you.