Can Quality Dental Implants be Completed in One Day?

photo_dental_-_beautiful_smile_from_implants_2-6-13The Possibility of Quality One-Day Dental Implants

Anyone who needs to replace loose or missing teeth will find dental implants the most natural and permanent way to have great looking teeth.

There are many advertisers who claim that dental implants can be accomplished in only one day. Dental patients find this an alluring message and seek to have this accomplished. The fact is that after the initial treatments to prepare the jawbone for the implants, the final product can be attached in one day.

How the Dental Implant Process Works

When you speak with your dentist about dental implants, there is a process he or she will explain to you so that your expectations are realistic.

First, your dentist must check the quality of your jawbone to make certain that the root-like posts will adhere to the jawbone for proper functioning and attachment of the final tooth.

Secondly, based upon the determination of the first examination, a surgery will be scheduled to insert the posts into your jawbone. Your medical history will be important to determine what type of sedation you will receive for a pain free and comfortable surgical procedure.


Finally, after you have had your posts inserted, there is a short waiting time to allow your gums to heal and to be certain that the posts have begun to adhere to the jaw. This is the most exciting time in the process because the final step of inserting permanent, real looking teeth is going to give you a perfect, beautiful smile.

If, in the case of an emergency, you need the entire procedure completed in one day, it can be done. Your dentist can explain how this would work for your particular and individual needs.

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