Stress Increases Incidents of Grinding Teeth

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photo_dental_-_woman_with_time_out_hand_signal_for_teeth_grinding_2-11-13How the Daily Grind can put Stress on Your Teeth

Stress has always been part of East Coast living, but more recently, stress seems to be gripping the population as a whole.

With all the major news stations focusing on bad news, the serious weather conditions affecting the country and just life, in general, more and more people are grinding their stress into their teeth. Bruxism, a word for teeth grinding, is on the rise!

Grinding Teeth can lead to Broken Teeth

Many people don’t realize that a lot of their stress is expressed while sleeping and grinding their teeth. If you have a life partner, they will tell you if they hear you grinding at night. If you are sleeping alone, you may not realize the damage you are causing to your teeth while you believe you are at rest.

Telltale signs of grinding teeth are sore teeth, sensitive teeth, sore jaw muscles, ringing in the ears and headaches.

Although you may not be personally affected by the economy, jobless rates and other economic situations, the news alone is enough to put additional stress on your subconscious. These thoughts can manifest during the night and cause you to grind your teeth.

Grinding teeth can lead to flattened teeth and broken teeth. If you suspect you may be grinding your teeth, be proactive before it causes you severe dental problems.

Ask Ocean County dentist, Dr. Ron Rotem

A simple dental exam will reveal if you are grinding your teeth. Being proactive means saving yourself a lot of time and money repairing teeth broken by teeth grinding.

If caught in time, your teeth grinding may be halted by something as simple as a night guard; a fitted plastic or rubber guard you wear on your teeth while sleeping. These custom fitted dental appliances are sometimes covered by dental insurance.

Take a ‘time out’ and call Dr. Rotem today for your thorough exam and be proactive in preventing broken teeth caused by incidents of grinding teeth. Taking charge of your dental health is easy. Dr. Rotem has been caring for Ocean County patients for nearly 20 years and can improve your dental health with the caring comfort of sedation dentistry.

If you suspect you are grinding your teeth, don’t wait until you are in pain. Call Dr. Rotem for your consultation and discuss the options available to you to prevent further damage from grinding teeth.